Freedive Cafe Interview #2


Grateful to be invited back on Donny’s amazing podcast! During my second interview, I speak about the pandemic situation, Dominica, things I’ve learned about training, how I reached 101m, and how to bake the perfect batch of brownies.

Tokushikai Canada Video Discussion: An In-Depth Look at Breath in Freediving


Thank you Patrick of Tokushikai Canada for inviting me to speak about breath in freediving! Patrick hosts a weekly podcast exploring martial arts and related topics. As a former martial artist, it was a delight to speak with his study group about my experiences with and knowledge of breath.

DiveIn: The Podcast Interview


My second time on a podcast, this time with DiveIn: The Podcast, Episode 21: Roti and Coke. It was so much fun talking about freediving: how I got started, my first competition, what all those abbreviations mean, best and worst dives, my progression to 101m CWT, and of course, the ultimate freediving fuel: roti and Coke!

DeeperBlue Article


Canadians In The Deep by Nicolas Winkler, with Canadian “teammate” Matthieu Duvault

Freedive Cafe Interview


Super fun interview with Donny on the infamous Freedive Cafe podcast. I speak about how I got into freediving, some highs and lows, lessons learned, things that are working well, things that I know I’ll need to change soon, and my motivation for competing and progressing. Thanks for having me!

Blue Element 2019 Part 1 Recap Video

Video recap from the first two days of Blue Element 2019. Watch me set my first continental record with the monofin!

CBC Radio: “Day 6” Feature


How do you dive 82 metres underwater – without gear? A Canadian freediver shares her techniques

CTV News Feature


Edmonton woman sets new freediving national record

CBC Article

Photo: Daan Verhoeven

‘I’m supposed to be here’: Edmontonian breaks national freediving records

Blue Element 2018 Recap Video

Recap of the second part of Blue Element 2018. Hear me speak a little about the national record I made during the competition.