EQ Workshop (online)

EQ workshop

Improve your equalization

This hour-and-a-half online webinar hosted by Halifax Freediving Club first aired in spring 2021. Suitable for beginner or intermediate freedivers (or freedive instructors looking to increase their knowledge), the webinar aims to improve equalization technique and understanding.

Topics covered include:

  • Pressure and air spaces
  • Anatomy
  • Methods: Valsalva vs. Frenzel
  • How to determine which method you’re using
  • Which method should you use?
  • Learning to Frenzel equalize
  • Common problems (with possible explanations and solutions)
  • Timing/proactive equalizing theory
  • Advanced Frenzel
  • Q&A


Cost: $35 USD

Length: 1:28

Access: online, private video link (pre-recorded webinar) within 24 hours

Follow-up Q&A


All who attended or who purchased access to the webinar are invited to submit follow-up questions to Sheena. You’ll receive an individual response with feedback and additional resources.

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