Goodbye, Panama. Hello, Dominica!

As some of you know, I’ve been hanging out in Panama. Things have been interesting. In July, it rained non-stop. I was the lucky recipient of stitches—sans-anaesthetic (with bonus fainting action). Come August, I ended up bed-ridden and incapacitated, then picked up intestinal parasites, which is about as awful as it sounds, though fairly quickly cured with just $4 of medication. Hooray!

Good times on the buoy in Bocas

On the other hand…my mom visited! I held many fantastic classes with wonderful students. I learned how to surf. The people at the dive shop have been lovely, and we’ve shared many laughs above and below the water. As my time here runs out, I find myself focusing more on these nice experiences than the challenges, and though objectively speaking, things were tough, I’ll leave Panama with good memories plus a few stories which are only funny now, but at the time, definitely were not. Ha!

So, what’s next? Come October, I’ll travel back to Honduras for a few weeks, and then, Dominica!

I was set to visit Dominica almost exactly one year ago, but just days before my flight, hurricane Maria devastated the island. Since then, the island has been recovering, thanks in no small part to the resilient folks who call it home.

I’m stoked to finally visit, and am happy to announce that I’ll participate in the Blue Element 2018 freediving competition while I’m there. It’ll be my second competition, and I am super excited to do this crazy thing one more time. No expectations or well-defined goals—yet. Other than I want to go deep and enjoy every dive, of course… 🤟

Cover photo credit to the amazing 1000amares fotografía.

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