Hello! I’m Sheena. I’m a freediver and continental record holder from Canada, but my freediving home base is the Caribbean Sea. I love diving deep, helping others learn how to enjoy their time underwater…and coffee!



Sheena McNally

For me, freediving is about finding joy, be it on the line, in the pool, or on the reef—
and I believe it’s possible to keep that joy while pushing your limits.

In 2015, I quit my job to travel for six months. Long story short, I discovered freediving, and everything changed. I’ve become an instructor, safety diver, and competitive freediver. I’ve made six national and six continental records, and I’m one of the few female freedivers to have surpassed the 100m mark, self-powered!

Now I’m splitting my time between contract work and depth training so that I can keep going with this amazing sport. It’s hard work and more than a bit scary not knowing what comes next, but I’m up for the challenge.

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Free Immersion



Continental Record
Blue Element 2019

Constant Weight
(CWT), monofin



Continental Record
Blue Element 2019

Constant Weight
(CWTB), bi-fins



Continental Record
Vertical Blue 2021


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