Hello! I’m Sheena.

I’m a Canadian freediver who has always had a deep love for the water.

In 2015, I took a beginner freediving course and got addicted to the peace and silence of being underwater, as well as the challenge of getting deeper. A few years later, I entered my first depth competition, and made my first two Canadian national records. Since then, I have set multiple national and continental records, and reached a depth of 101m self-powered in training. In late 2022, I began to train in the pool, and have also set multiple national records in pool. However, for me, freediving is not primarily about competition or records.

For me, freediving is about finding joy in being underwater and the process of exploring and expanding my abilities and limits, both physically and mentally.

I strive to share this mindset—and plenty of smiles—with fellow divers.

Competition records

90m FIM

National Record

92m CWTB

National/Continental Record

93m CWT

National Record

56m CNF

National Record

200m DYNB

National/Continental Record

200m DYN*

National/Continental Record
*Performed with bi-fins

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